Pro Fitness Personal Training
Strengthening Body and Mind for Nearly a Decade

One-on-One Personal Training:

A one hour private personal training session custom designed to assist you in meeting your fitness goals. Whether it is sculpting, toning, strengthening, building muscle or just tightening and defining you body, Linda can help you get the results you want. She will guide you through your personalized workout using exercises designed for your specific body type.  You will learn proper form and breathing. As your body grows stronger, more toned and defined and your endurance improves, she will continue to change your training sessions to ensure continued challenges as you progress toward your personal fitness goals. A minimum of two training sessions a week is recommended.

Small Group Training:

One one One Training A personal training session for two to three people that encompasses basic fitness goals. Linda will guide you through a one hour weight and cardio training session designed to improve body tone, appearance, cardiovascular ability and endurance.  These sessions are best suited to people of similar ages, body types and weights, as they are designed for a group rather than an individual. Small group training is perfect for individuals who are training together and want to go that extra mile to ensure proper form and intensity. Nutritional counseling is offered during the session.

Couples Training:

The perfect personalized workout for a couple seeking to improve their appearance, lose weight, gain muscle and endurance and spend some quality time together. The workout consists of a cardio warmup, weight training, stretching and ab work. This type of workout is excellent motivation for individuals who wish to improve their general life style and included nutritional consultation and menu planning. 



Nutritional Counseling and Menu Planning:


Learn to choose and combine your food for maximum nutritional impact. Linda offers a selection of menus which make eating a delight rather than a chore. Her food plan is tailored to each individuals needs, lifestyle and taste. You will not be put on a diet. You will simply learn how to eat.
Linda will work with you to assist you in selecting the foods you like and then help you put together a shopping list. You will be asked to provide her with a weeks worth of menus and daily food diaries via e mail for the first two weeks to ensure you are on track.
This program guarantees a minimum weight loss of 1/2 - 2 pounds per week when followed properly. Your menus and meals are tweaked on a regular basis to prohibit plateaus. This is a program that will allow you to manage your weight for the rest of your life.



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